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The First Fully Personalised Network Mixing Console

POLARIS evolution is based on a novel digital mixing DSP concept that can be controlled from an advanced touch screen user interface. Driven by the desire to create the most flexible and scalable system on the market, the SALZBRENNER engineering team proudly presents the first cloud-based audio processing system for pro applications.

The POLARIS evolution concept allows multiple users to share a single DSP core—a major benefit for multipurpose venues, broadcast applications, OB trucks and any project or operation requiring maximum flexibility.
Thanks to a revolutionary audio network concept, rigid constraints are a thing of the past. With POLARIS evolution, live, theatre and broadcast productions can be run concurrently on the same DSP engine!

Obviously, the POLARIS evolution user interface can be complemented with iOS and Android devices to handle the required tasks within the networked POLARIS evolution environment.

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This makes POLARIS evolution special
The modular and scalable audio production platform with various hardware components


  • Variable: freely combine POLARIS evolution user interfaces according to your project needs
  • Adaptive: POLARIS evolution remembers your workflow
  • Flexible: free assignment of DSP resources where and when you need them
  • Expandable: start with a basic package and expand as much as the need arises
  • Interactive: easy integration with external control systems


  • Individual: personalised interface for each project and/or specific users
  • Team player: multi-user operation with shared channel and event automation, etc.
  • Fast: easy and fast configuration changes and parameter settings
  • Outstanding: pristine audio through modular I/O
  • Future proof: expand feature sets through new control and/or audio plug-ins
  • Network enabled: complete system control over internet/WiFi, tablet PCs, Android & iOS devices

This is why POLARIS evolution is so clever

  • Unique networking capabilities of hardware and software components
  • Flexible software
  • Full access even from the smallest desk
  • Efficient use of available rescources
  • Future proof through extreme modularity
  • Various redundancy and back-up possibilities
  • Intuitive and modern operation, look and feel
  • Easily expandable through plug & play
  • Flawless integration of external systems
  • Compatible with audio routers via MADI interface
  • Road-proof German quality

POLARIS evolution

Optimal solutions for every application

  • Experience POLARIS evolution

  • Live

    Key Features
    • Format-based channel assignment
    • Grouping: master/slave and VCA/mute with dimm functionality
    • Up to four automation groups with crossfade functionality
    • Organize channel strips and effect modules in libraries
    • Multiband dynamics, dynamic filter
    • Free arrangement of channel processing, delay, 6-band equaliser, dynamics, de-esser
    • Bus processing with 6-band parametric equaliser, multiband dynamics and basic effect plug-ins
    • Full MIDI control over IP
    • Control of external Digital Audio Workstations
    • Integration of mobile devices
    • Multiple PFL solo buses
    • Interfaces for the integration of 3rd party products
  • Theatre and Post Production

    Key Features
    • Advanced dynamic automation section for showcontrol
      • Fade in/out, different curves, different timing
      • Timeline based operations
      • Cuelists, organizing snapshots from different automation groups in cuelists
      • External events through GPIO
      • Media control
      • DMX control
    • Unlimited automation grouping
    • Extra audio formats: MidSide / 5.1
    • Cascading POLARIS scala
  • Broadcast

    Key Features
    • Audio Follow Video with different fade curves and extended timing operations independent for every channel
    • Unlimited automation grouping
    • N-1 commentary matrix
    • Automatic microphone mixer
    • Up- and downmix functionality
    • Extra audio formats: MidSide / 5.1
    • Loudness metering interface
    • Cascading POLARIS scala
  • Self-Learning through Tags

    Most repetitive tasks for the configuration of new projects can be automated thanks to POLARIS tags. Users can load a channel tagged “main vocal”, for instance, with previously stored settings for the LPF, dynamics processors, reverb processing, etc.
  • Fast Editing

    The multitouch screens on the POLARIS access console and the POLARIS view monitor allow for lightning-fast routing operations, assignments, copying and parameter settings. Also, the system only displays the relevant parameters for a given operation for fast and error-free tweaks.
  • Customized User Screens

    All control and processing elements in POLARIS evolution are, in fact, plug-ins. This not only provides maximum flexibility but also allows operators to easily prepare customised user interfaces. Thanks to the underlying programming platform, such custom configurations can be programmed in a snip.
POLARIS access - The Base Console

POLARIS access - The Base Console

  • Compact and lightweight surface
  • 16 P&G faders and 16 dual concentric encoders
  • 48 illuminated and recessed buttons
  • 19" multi-touch display row
  • Dante™ interface for talkback and headphones (optional)
  • Size (WxDxH): 544 x 559 x 145 mm (21.8 x 22.0 x 5.7")
  • Weight: approx. 15 kg (33.1 lbs)
POLARIS view - The multi-Touch Interface

POLARIS view - The multi-Touch Interface

  • 21,5" multi-touch monitor
  • Docks into the POLARIS access module
  • Includes extra powerful CPU processing unit
  • Provides expanded parameter setting and metering
  • Size (WxDxH): (incl. motor) 539 x 101 x 453 mm (21.2 x 4.0 x 17.8")
  • Weight: approx. 10 kg (22.1 lbs)
POLARIS scala - The Audio Processing Node

POLARIS scala - The Audio Processing Node

  • Connects to POLARIS access via standard Ethernet
  • Easy integration of additional POLARIS elements
  • Up to 640 DSP channels per frame
  • Maximum of 256 buses per frame
  • Scalable and cascadable
  • Latest DSP technology
  • Passive cooling (noiseless)
  • Size: 19", 3RU
  • Weight: approx. 10 kg (22.1 lbs)