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POLARIS evolution and NIO xcel on Tour with Flying Colors

POLARIS evolution and NIO xcel on Tour with Flying Colors

That POLARIS evolution and NIO xcel hold their ground even during hard touring life was proven on the latest Europe tour of the US rock band "Flying Colors".

Within one week, the band toured through Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and England. FoH engineer and Tour Manager Daniel Schindler chose the combination of POLARIS evolution and NIO xcel due to their efficiency and sound quality: "On tour, everything happens fast and, since a DVD is produced during that tour, the converter quality has to be excellent. With POLARIS evolution, you only need two minutes to set up the FoH and get everything going without any additional helping hands. POLARIS evolution also covers the routing of the record systems and the outboard via Nexus. This saves a lot of time and the sound quality is just amazing! Especially, the multiple gain controls of NIO xcel 1201 allow a recording level independent from the FoH gain. Otherwise, this would only have been possible with an additional split and additional converters."

For this tour, a POLARIS evolution system with 128 I/Os (DANTE), two NEXUS Base Devices (connected to POLARIS evolution via XDIP), 5x NIO xcel 1201, 2x NIO xcel 1202, 1x NIO xcel 1101 und 1x NIO xcel 1102 were used. Furthermore, there were two DANTE recording systems as well as a Waves Impact Server (which was connected via MADI/DigiGrid MGO and NEXUS) stationed at the FoH. All I/O routings as well as the Waves Cue link and the DAWs were exclusively handled by POLARIS evolution cue groups. "A fantastic setup I would go on tour with any time again," Daniel Schindler adds.