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Archive News and Press Releases 2001

NEXUS A/D Converter Card XAD+

Stage Tecs analogue-to-digital converters, already known for their exceptional audio quality, are going compact, with a spec sheet that looks even more impressive. Stage Tecs new XAD+ converter plug-in board is a successor to the previous converter line-up. Based on Stage Tecs patented TrueMatch technology, the inner workings of these converters have been completely redesigned so as to provide even better harmonic distortion values and a dynamic range of up to 133 dB(A). These converter boards are fully compatible with existing NEXUS and CANTUS systems and support 24-bit resolution.

The new eight-channel plug-in board is available in two versions: one with eight XLR sockets - still the standard in pro audio -, and another with RJ45 sockets, the socket type used in network environments. RJ45s offer the advantage that they are only half the size of an XLR socket, so that XAD+ users could, in theory, work with up to 160 analog inputs in one 3U unit! Designed mainly for fixed installation, the converter plug-in board with RJ45 sockets not only saves space, but also time: less expensive to implement, it no longer requires hours spent soldering cables.

RJ45 sockets are now available for all of Stage Tecs analog cards, including the digital-to-analog converters.