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Archive News and Press Releases 2006

STAGETEC’s Brand-New Digital Compact Mixer Introduced

Leipzig, November 2006: At this year’s Tonmeistertagung, SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP presented a real novelty at their exhibit booth: the prototype of a new digital mixing console with compact size. The new product features many details making it the perfect companion for radio and TV broadcasting control. The mixer, which has not been named yet, is unmistakably a product from Berlin’s technology forge: At first sight, it is evidently the AURUS’ little brother, provided with the same exceptionally flat and compact design and its proven dual encoders and arc indicators.

The console has a modular design, offering 8 to 24 faders. Unlike AURUS, the new mixer presents a fixed layout comprising 32 input channels, 8 groups, 8 sums, 8 aux paths, and 8 N-1 sums. This allows for immediately deploying it with no need for setting up a configuration first. The other functions were optimised for clarity and fast access. This includes easy routing to the N-1 buses directly from the channel strip as well as ultra-clear indication of all settings. For this purpose, numerous miniature TFT displays were integrated into the master section. All of them are dedicated to a specific function: the equalizer or a dynamic function on the chosen channel strip, the selected layer, the routing, or the aux settings. A snapshot memory simplifies controlling the workflow in broadcasting environments and also allows for stepping through snapshots.

Like all consoles made by STAGETEC, the new compact mixer uses the NEXUS as an I/O and routing unit. In addition, it adapts a number of proven functions such as external remote-controllability and the convenient integration options with peripherals. Similar to the AURUS, the new console allows for mixing down to stereo and surround formats.

The console will be available as desktop and rack-mount versions. The hardware and software is tailored for small consoles, thus opening up new market segments to STAGETEC.

»We had been planning such a broadcasting console for quite a while. What we see now is the result of our expertise and the suggestions made by many broadcasters from Germany and abroad,« comments Stephan Salzbrenner on the new product. The first three units from this latest console generation will be delivered to the WDR broadcasting service who will implement them in their regional broadcasting centres in Bonn, Duisburg, and Siegen early in 2007. During 2007, an impressive 24 compact mixers will be installed in the WDR’s regional TV and radio studios for broadcasting control. The console is expected to be available on the market during the second half of 2007.