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Archive News and Press Releases 2007

IBC 2007: STAGETEC launches new compact 140 Channel Mixer

Extended version of AURATUS mixing desk showcased at IBC 2007

Berlin, Germany, September 2007: Just a few months after introducing its new 54 channel AURATUS broadcast console, SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP extends its line of compact and easy-to-operate mixers with the new AURATUS XL version of the desk featuring up to 40 channel strips and 140 audio channels. »We were amazed by the broadcasters overwhelming response to AURATUS with more than 25 consoles sold in one year. The new XL version targets the same group, but addresses customers dealing with more demanding tasks, e.g. mid-size TV and Radio control rooms or smaller OB vehicles. They will benefit from more extensive DSP power and I/O while retaining the same responsive concept as AURATUS. The XL closes the gap between our flagship AURUS console and the smaller, compact AURATUS«, states Dr. Klaus-Peter Scholz, Managing Director of MEDIAGROUP’s R&D branch STAGETEC, Berlin.

AURATUS XL and AURATUS are both fully digital consoles with a frame only 540 mm deep housing up to five panel units, each with eight control strips, plus a master section. Thanks to this modular structure, AURATUS control surface configuration can vary between 8, 16 or 24 faders with the AURATUS XL offering up to 40 faders. The internal bus structure and the number of available input channels are always fixed. Both versions feature eight sums, eight aux paths, eight n-1 sums and both are inherently ready for 5.1. A broad range of functions for broadcast environments is included, such as extensive cue-light signalling and monitoring features, two timers capable of counting down as well as up, and supreme audio-follows-video functionality. Thanks to configurable features such as the eight operating layers and the I/O routing, including source names the console is adaptable to suit the varied tasks found in everyday production work.

In contrast with the 54 channel AURATUS, the XL version’s processors boards are accommodated by a NEXUS STAR just like AURUS, STAGETEC’s flagship console. Thus, the XL takes advantage of the ultra fast STAR backplane bus in order to provide access to the multitude of audio signals it offers. Each AURATUS XL system consists of the control surface frame fitted with a master section and the customer specified number of fader modules and one 6U NEXUS STAR populated with 3 DSP boards providing processing for the 140 channels plus one controller board. The NEXUS STAR not only houses the necessary processor boards but simultaneously offers access to the massive audio connectivity a NEXUS STAR based network can provide. Thanks to this concept, AURATUS XL integrates smoothly into enterprise scale audio networks with thousands of inputs and outputs.