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Digital-Audio Components

Interface boards for converting audio and ancillary data to the NEXUS 24-bit TDM format are available for a variety of digital formats. All digital inputs feature a double buffering facility. This avoids muting of digital audio signals whose phasing is out of tolerance with the AES-11 standard. All boards including output boards can be equipped with sample-rate converters for interfacing with asynchronous devices.

 NEXUS Data Sheets  (3.8 MB)

Digital-Audio Components XDIP

Multichannel I/O board

  • Up to 64 duplex channels via Brooklyn II module
  • Transparent forwarding of AES control data
  • Supports 44.1 / 48 kHz, 88.2 / 96 kHz sample rates on the NEXUS side and 44.1 / 48 kHz, 88.2 / 96 kHz (synchronous connection) and 44.1-192 kHz sample rates (asynchronous connection using SRCs) on the Dante side
  • NEXUS can be either wordclock master or slave
  • Gain for all send and receive channels can be set individually (–∞ to +20 dB)
  • NEXUS generator switchable to any input / output

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Digital-Audio Components XDED

Dolby Input Board

  • Decodes Dolby E® /D signals from AES/EBU D-Sub (15-pin, female) or TOSLINK optical inputs
  • Decodes up to 8 separate signals from a Dolby E® /D data stream plus a stereo output for downmix signals (configurable downmix)
  • Decodes metadata for output as XTI signals or via the XDEM optical interface board
  • 2 audio channels for forwarding unencoded audio from the NEXUS system or from AES/EBU inputs with optional delay and gain

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Digital-Audio Components XDEE

Output Board for Dolby E® Audio

  • Provides encoding for up to 8 separate NEXUS signals into a Dolby E® data stream plus a stereo linear-audio downmix
  • Configurable gain (+20 dB), delay (0 to 255 ms), and phase adjustment for all signals coming from the NEXUS
  • Outputs the encoded signal to the NEXUS or from on-board AES/EBU (15-pin D-sub, male) and optical ports (TOSLINK)
  • Video-sync input (BNC) for bi-level and tri-level sync signals
  • Local generator producing an audio clock in sync with the video (i.e. to synchronise the NEXUS to the video-sync signal)

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Digital-Audio Components XER

xer-front-xlr4/8-channel AES/EBU and S/PDIF Input Board

  • Handles AES/EBU and S/PDIF audio
  • XER-M version for supplying, controlling, and processing digital microphones complying with AES-42 Mode 1
  • 4 stereo channels
  • Transparent forwarding of all bits in AES/EBU format
  • DSP built-in
  • Adjustable gain (±20 dB) for each input signal, ultra-fast downstream limiter
  • Phase inversion

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Digital-Audio Components XET

4/8-channel AES/EBU and S/PDIF Output Board

  • 4 stereo channels
  • Transmits 24/20/16-bit audio
  • Either XLR, RCA coaxial, TOSLINK optical, RJ45, D-Sub, or BNC ports
  • Additional parallel outputs (option) implementing other port types
  • DSP built-in
  • High-quality re-quantization to 16-bit or 20-bit formats
  • Re-quantization with dithering and noise shaping
  • Transparent forwarding of all bits in AES/EBU format

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Digital-Audio Components XAF

8-channel I/O Board

  • 8 channels
  • Combined I/O board
  • DSP built-in
  • Output-signal re-quantizing to 16 or 20 bits with dithering and noise shaping
  • I/O sample-rate converter (option)

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Digital-Audio Components XMF

MADI Multichannel-I/O Board

  • 64 channels (max.) @ 48 KHz, 32 channels (max.) @ 96 KHz
  • Automatic channel-count detection
  • Optical and Coax combo interface (LC, BNC)
  • Switchable pass-through mode for format conversion
    (optical <> BNC) and cascading
  • Adjustable I/O gain
  • Synchronisation to input-signal wordclock
  • SRC modules (2 × XSRCA02) available optionally

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Digital-Audio Components XSDI

16-channel I/O Board for Audio Data Embedded into a Digital Serial Video Stream (SMPTE 259M compliant)

  • Audio embedder / de-embedder for SMPTE-259M video (SD)
  • Combined I/O board for all 16 audio channels
  • De-embeds, embeds, replaces, and/or deletes audio
  • Free channel routing on the NEXUS
  • Internal DSP for signal adaptation
  • Re-quantization to 16 or 20 bits with noise shaping and dithering

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