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System Boards

The XCPU central controller board and the power-supply units are obligatory components of NEXUS Base Devices. In addition, XFOC fibre-optic interface boards must be installed for networking multiple Base Devices.

XPSU Power-supply Unit

  • Wide-range units supplying all components; no fans
  • Multiple units and/or redundant units per Base Device supported
  • Space-saving backplane installation
  • Output power: 100 W each

 NEXUS Data Sheets  (3.8 MB)

System Boards XCPU

xcpu09-frontMain Controller Board for NEXUS Base Devices

  • Base Device and routing control and monitoring
  • Control-computer communication via Ethernet, RS 232, RS 422, or USB
  • Synchronisation and clock-generation control
  • Sample rates of up to 96 KHz
  • Stores the current system status independently of the control computer
  • Wordclock I/O, internal clock generator
  • Test tone and noise generator
  • Metering-information gathering

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System Boards XSYNC

Video/WCLK Sync Input board for the NEXUS

  • Video and word clock inputs
  • Automatic detection of video formats
  • Input filter for restoring analogue video signals
  • Video-sync input (BNC) for bi-level and tri-level sync signal

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System Boards XFOC-LC

Network-Interface Board for NEXUS Systems

  • Four independent ports for a total of 256-channels of transmission capacity
  • Supports various SFP modules including single-mode, multimode, CWDM, long-haul, and duplex modules
  • Uses multimode cabling for short distances (<500 meters) or single-mode cabling for long distances (up to 10 km)
  • LC ports for multimode and single-mode connectors

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