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Service and Maintenance

Our Service Portfolio for Theatres, Opera Houses, Public Buildings, Event Venues, …

We have been equipping event venues with audio, video and media technology for over 53 years. Apart from all-new constructions and complete refurbishments, maintaining and repairing your existing equipment is vital for smooth workflows, increasing the value as well as the service life of your installation, and going easy on your budget. You decide whether we perform comprehensive or sample checks of your setup and what exactly you would like us to check and measure—from the entire system all the way down to a specific controller.
Our in-house service and commissioning team is available for contract-based or occasional maintenance and repair activities. Contact us for on-site activities, remote maintenance coupled with telephone support and even 24/7 service solutions.
To learn more about how to keep your equipment in perfect working order, please contact our commissioning and service team.

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  • Audio, video and media technology

    • Signal checks of audio and video cables
    • Measurements with cutting-edge audio/video diagnostic solutions, including logging
    • Fixing malfunctions and replacing worn components
  • Stage management equipment

    • Visual inspection of the stage management console for mechanical faults, including lock functionality
    • Checks of all switching components and built-in devices for mechanical and/or electrical issues
    • Checks of all paging and monitoring areas in all rooms
    • Checks of the cue light system, including all available mobile indicators and connection points
    • Function and control checks of all existing cameras
    • Fixing malfunctions, replacing worn components
    • Cleaning of all controls and console operation panels
  • Network technology—copper wires and fibre-optic cabling

    • Checks of the documentation against the system’s actual state
    • Repairing all defective connections (plugs, replacement of faulty elements)
    • Fibre-optic cables: professional cleaning of all connectors using liquid-based blowing/suction devices
    • Fibre-optic cables: measuring and logging of all connections with OTDR testing technology
    • Copper wires: measuring and logging of all connections with cutting-edge, EI A/TIA 568-compliant
      measurement technology for the category installed on your premises (Cat 5/6a)
  • E-checks

    Fixed connections:
    • Checks of the electrical distribution systems for protection-class compliance, grime and required circuit labelling
    • Checks of the wiring and components for compliance and current-carrying capacity
    • Checks of clamp connections for security and excessive current draw
    • Measurement of insulation resistances and all connections according to DIN VDE 0100, part 600, the correct functioning of protections, triggering of the protection mechanism, circuit assignments and the presence of test labels
    Mobile devices:
    • Checks of all submitted mobile connection cables and distributors for correct device selection
    • Measurements in accordance with UVV Electrical Systems and Operating Materials BGV A3
    • Distribution of test labels that specify the next inspection date
    • Repair of all components that failed the tests, or submission of a quotation for replacement
  • Fire detection and intruder alarm systems

    • Certification according to DIN 14675, VdS certificate for the installation of a fire or burglar detection system, maintenance in accordance with DIN 0833/1
    • System checks for defects or damage, inspection of the charging voltage, line function parameters and malfunction reporting
    • Triggering all detectors of voice alarm systems that allow for non-destructive testing
  • Voice alarm systems

    • Maintenance according to DIN VDE 0833-4/EN 54-16/EN 54-24
    • Checks of the entire system regarding malfunctions of, and damage to, all devices, speakers and intercom stations
    • Listening test and speech intelligibility measurement according to STI/STIPA
    • Functional test of the central unit and alarm devices
  • Maintenance and repair of rack cabinets

    • Visual inspection, cleaning of all installed devices, filter replacement and/or replacement of defective fans
    • Check and repair locks
    • Restocking rack cabinets with missing parts
    • Checking and replacing faulty or missing lights/indicators
    • Checks for mechanical malfunction
    • Checks of all labels, replacement of missing or illegible labels
  • Follow-up of our service activities includes

    • Preparation of test records
    • Amendments or additions to the existing documentation
    • Submission of a maintenance report
    • Preparation of an investment plan for safe and reliable future operation