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Custom-built Stage Management Systems

Modern theatre and opera productions would be far less spectacular without a flexible, versatile and advanced stage management console.

The stage managers are the link between the director and the various technical crews, like lighting, audio, costumes, make-up, control room and props. They are responsible for a smooth flow of each performance, for they coordinate and control all artistic and technical aspects of a live production.
The stage management consoles of our systems integration division are based on our PerformanCeTRL and MediaControl systems and are usually configured to order to ensure that all local requirements and specificities are addressed. This approach results in highly effective solutions, like our INSPIration console.

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Professional Solutions for Theatres and Opera Houses

  • Light Cues

    • Switching
    • Acknowledgement
    • Optional status monitoring of the lighting system
    • Status indication on the stage management console

    Highly Customisable

    • Motorized height adjustment
    • Scalable
    • Intuitive user interface

  • Paging and Monitor System

    • Unlimited number of intercom groups
    • Signal synchronicity
    • Power amp monitoring
    • Redundant amplifiers
    • Line and individual speaker control
    • Software-addressable speakers
    • Central monitoring assignment
    • Signal selection on the speaker unit
    • Volume control on the speaker unit
    • Remote control and integration of voice alarm systems (depending on the system)
    • Project-specific interfaces for existing or newly installed voice alarm systems

  • Communication

    • Seamless integration of Riedel & Clear-Com intercom systems
    • Variable system size, from 8 to over 4000 simultaneous ports
    • Cost-effective compact matrix units with 8~16 panel ports
    • Flexible modular matrices for project-specific expansion units that accommodate up to 4000 panel ports
    • Panel layouts for various applications
    • Distributed DSP power
    • Fast response times even for large systems
    • High degree of failover protection

  • Control & Integration

    • Project-specific, flexible control layout
    • Comprehensive scalability
    • Logical links
    • Resilient and reliable during continuous operation
    • Integration of IP modules
    • Video and monitoring systems
      • Flexible integration of trusted third-party video components
      • Implementation of a variety of control protocols

Stage Management Systems

  • PerformanCeTRL

    PerformanCeTRL, the control platform of our stage management systems, is based on our MediaControl technology. This means that all essential media control features for theatre and opera productions come as standard, allowing for faster response times from a user-friendly setup. Features include a repeater module, serial interfaces, GPI/O interfaces, a decentralized controller module and LCD RGB keypad modules.
    PerformanCeTRL also provides proprietary components dedicated to stage management applications, like, for example, software modules for sequential or numeric cue control, a stopwatch/clock function, a cue light controller for passive light signalling (either mobile or installed) and freely active light cues. These can be included via various busses, like P-Data (EIA-485), Ethernet (TCP/IP) and WiFi.
  • MediaControl

    Upon request, a more comprehensive incarnation of MediaControl can be added to PerformanCeTRL for comprehensive media control. The possibilities of this technology go way beyond classic control functions for stage management purposes, adding control and operation possibilities for media devices and extensive room control (lights, blackout and room temperature control).

    Access to all available technical features, the possibility to custom-configure user interfaces and the combination of a number of diverse operational steps into functional units allow users to focus on the production at hand.

    Learn more about MediaControl
  • Intercom System

    oratis is an intercom system quite unlike any other. Based on cutting-edge technology, oratis offers unique flexibility and future-proofing combined with Riedel’s and Clear-Com's renowned high reliability. oratis can be used to create compact intercom systems featuring as few as eight ports, or large installations with over 4,000 ports accessible simultaneously. The system employs the principle of distributed DSP power for fast response times even in large systems, with a high degree of failover protection. oratis acts as a fully summing digital audio matrix.
  • Built to Order

    No two stage management systems are alike. Almost every system is a custom setup built to the client’s exacting requirements. This includes the footprint—some users prefer a mobile console, others a fixed installation—and the feature set. Just tell us which optional add-ons you need or whether a small basic setup will do. At some stage, our team of experts will ask you to list the specificities of your venue and to tell them where and how the stage management console will be operated before they propose a setup that will allow your team to work with confidence.

    Do not hesitate to ask questions yourself and to find out about the various possibilities to ensure that your console does what you expect in the way you expect it to.
    Contact us for details
Our Stage Management System INSPIration: as Flexible as your Workflow

Our Stage Management System INSPIration: as Flexible as your Workflow

INSPIration already meets a vast number of requirements. It provides the infrastructure you may need to expand your setup: lateral rails allow users to install mounting brackets for accessories (headphones, headsets, etc.), safe storage compartments for drinks, measuring devices, etc. The console’s top is equipped with a mounting system with moving arms for the installation of video monitors, tablets, and the like.
A Possible INSPIration Configuration

A Possible INSPIration Configuration

Each console is built and configured to the customer’s specifications. For this example, special attention was devoted to the integration of all requested control and display elements. The touch screen can be used both to configure the console and system parameters and as a sequential controller. In addition, it displays a stopwatch and a clock. The LCD RGB keypad modules provide access to the intercom and monitoring functions, light cues, video routing, camera control and other functions. Additional items include an audio monitoring unit, an intercom panel and a control panel for sequential control. The computer keyboard requested by this customer is located in a drawer that only needs to be opened when the operator wants to type something.
Ergonomics Against Fatigue

Ergonomics Against Fatigue

An electric motor is available to select the console height, allowing each user to set the most convenient position, whether they prefer working standing up or in a sitting position.
Passive LED Cue Light

Passive LED Cue Light

The sturdy metal enclosure of this cue light unit comes with a thread for stand mounting. The unit contains one lamp cell and an acknowledge key with an illuminated ring. An XLR socket is available for connecting the unit to a cue light controller.