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Room Acoustics Systems for creating the ideal listening experience in any kind of room

Being in the middle of the digital era in audio technology, one can see that requirements in the field of live-performance and the entertainment industry have been raised to an entirely new level.

Nowadays rooms are used for a multitude of performances, each with its own requirements in terms of flexibility and acoustic conditions; today one needs the intimate atmosphere of a chamber concert, tomorrow a large symphony orchestra and on Friday night, a musical with a host of multichannel effects.

The SALZBRENNER media GmbH is specialized in the planning and implementation of state-of-the-art acoustics systems that facilitate all of these requirements within a system architecture.


Creating New Experiences with Powerful Features

  • Freely Movable Sources

    Sources can be moved not only in the horizontal plane but in a true hemisphere. This free movement of sound sources in all three dimensions enables the user to create spatial experiences so sound sources truly move all around the listener.

  • Sources Independent of the Physical speaker positions

    The systems allow the speakers to define a soundweb on the walls. The experienced position of sources is rendered continuously relative to the other speaker positions, providing a smooth transition of sources on the surface, yet maintaining the timbre and level of the virtual source.
  • Multiple Simultaneous Sources

    Depending on the backbone of the system, 32 or even more sources can be moved simultaneously. With the seamless integration into the POLARIS evolution console, even different formats like stereo input or 5.1, 22.2, WFS speaker setups can be applied for convenient placement of sources in space.

  • Integration with Electronic Room Acoustics

    The sound sources for 3D audio effects can be combined with room acoustics processors whereby dry or anechoic sources can be given different acoustic environments. It is even possible to merge two different acoustic environments within one sound movement!

Immersive Acoustics Systems

  • Room Acoustics Technologies

    Room acoustics systems provide a powerful approach to the electro-acoustic enhancement of room acoustics and spatial audio effects. They improve the room acoustics for performance spaces and are used typically to improve the acoustic conditions of environments that have a lack of intelligibility, insufficient reverberation, a lack of natural sound level or shortcomings on stage. With the application of an acoustics system, an impression is created which matches the conditions of an ideal concert hall or any other room - either permanent or just for a specific event.
  • 3D Audio Systems

    The SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP is specialized in the planning and installation of systems for immersive audio effects. These enable the sound designer to move sources and effects around in the environment.

    Effect changes can be cued on a timeline when linked to a player's timecode output.

    The entire control surface can be deeply integrated with our POLARIS evolution mixing console.
  • Perfection from the Start

    Deciding on the implementation of an acoustics system means that, together with the client and other members of the project team, we provide a comprehensive consultation tailored to specific needs to achieve the best result. The subsequent planning stage takes into account all relevant technical and architectural conditions including any listed-building issues.

    To ensure an optimum system layout, electro-acoustic simulations are used to verify the speaker configuration during the design stages. It is our goal to provide a system configuration, tailored to your requirements, which has undergone comprehensive analysis by our expert engineers. We will happily support you during the initial events.
  • System Architecture

    The SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP supplies acoustics systems for so-called in-line as well as non-in-line acoustics enhancement concepts.

    The heart of an acoustics system is the NEXUS digital audio router. Thereby we ensure that the system meets the latest and highest standards in the industry. Upon request, the entire system is fully redundant with intelligent logic control, ultra-low noise hardware, and, of course, comprises the acclaimed and unparalleled NEXUS microphone preamplifiers.
  • Choice of Equipment from any Brand

    Apart from the NEXUS I/O, all other equipment can be selected from any brand, offering designers and integrators the ability to provide solutions that reflect the customer's needs.
    Typically for in-line systems, 4 to 6 microphones are used in the stage area to pick up the sound. For non-in-line systems or the inclusion of active audience participation this number can be increased. Special output requirements are defined for the amplifiers and speakers to fulfil the performance goals.

    All system components can be monitored via a dedicated control surface which is also used for recalling predefined settings.
  • Directional Sound Reinforcement

    A special feature to improve the localization of sound sources on stage

    This enables straightforward directional sound reinforcement by ensuring that the first wave front arrives from the appropriate direction.

    Active Localization: Integration with Tracking Systems

    Accurate directional information can be obtained even for moving sources. In this case the movements of an actor on stage are tracked either manually or by an automatic tracking system. Depending on the actor's position, the radio-microphone signal will be routed with adjusted level settings to the various speakers.
    The input is defined by the position of the source within the mesh of source areas. As a result the sources can move freely within this mesh and transitions will be inaudible. The localization can be done in real time either manually on a touch screen or with the integration of an IP-based tracking system.
  • Reliability

    Systems for room acoustics enhancement or 3D audio effects sound so realistic and natural that the audience is unaware of the electronic intervention. In order to meet the highest expectations, the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP is focused to meet even the highest reliability and quality standards.

    In our installations therefore all critical system components are redundant with intelligent automatic switchovers that are controlled by NEXUS Logic Control. Additionally, all system components (including all signal lines, power amplifiers, and loudspeakers) can be monitored during operation.